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Black Canary – Tails Cosplay

Cosplayer: Tails Cosplay
Character: Black Canary
From: DC Comics
Photos: All by Static-Sidhe

21 22 23 24

Arkady – Black Canary

Cosplayer: Arkady
Character: Black Canary
From: DC Comics

canary 01 canary 02 canary 03

White Lemon – Black Canary

Cosplayer: White Lemon
Character: Black Canary (Team 7 Version)
From: DC Comics
Photos: All by Peck Photography

Black Canary 01 Black Canary 02 Black Canary 03

Black Canary – Junkets10

This cosplay of Black Canary was submitted by the photographer for this set of 4 amazing photos. Junkets10 looks brilliant as the pre-New 52 version of Black Canary. The photos were taken by JoellaMarano and you can find more of each of their’s work at their corresponding tumblr pages. Go support their work and thank you to both of them for submitting their brilliant cosplay photos.

black canary 01

black canary 02

black canary 03

black canary 04

EmilysMuse – Black Canary

A great reminder to never get on the bad side of Dinah Lance! EmilysMuse looks absolutely amazing with her outstanding costume based upon the Black Canary from DC’s Birds of Prey comic books. You can find more of her cosplay here.

Photos 1 & 2 by Mindfall Media
Photos 3 & 4 by Mdosik

Black Canary 01

Black Canary 01a

Black Canary 02

Black Canary 03

Wondy – Black Canary

Incredible Black Canary cosplay here by Wondy. Not only does Dinah Lance have her powerful scream but she’s a confident fighter as well and Wondy manages to capture that perfectly. If you like her work then make sure to take a look at her other projects here.

Black Canary 0042

Black Canary 0040

Black Canary 0043

Black Canary 0041

Anna S. – Black Canary

I absolutely loved this work from british cosplayer Anna S who does a magnificent Black Canary. Combined with the brilliant photography of Stealthbuda, Anna looks ready to beat some justice into criminals. Even more impressive is how Anna crafted this costume herself. If you would like to see more of her awesome cosplay skills, then head over to her DeviantArt page or more importantly support her work at her Facebook page.

Don’t forget to also take a look at Stealthbuda‘s Photography either.

Black Canary 0039

Black Canary 0036

Black Canary 0037

Black Canary 0038

Best of 2012

As the year comes to an end, it’s a good time to take a look back over the year and some of the cosplay projects that have truly stood out. Before beginning, I should stress that I am no way implying that certain cosplayers are better than others. This is just a collection of my own personal favourites. Additionally I am aware that some designs were from before 2012, however since this blog is only 4 months old, I’m including those which have impressed me throughout the year. So then, here we go…

Batgirl 0010

Best Batgirl – KnightessRouge

Black Canary 0025

Best Black Canary – RoxannaMeta

Black Widow 0048

Best Black Widow – SupaTuna


Best Catwoman – AngiViper

Emma Frost 0011

Best Emma Frost – Diamond Dove of Birds of Play

Jill Valentine 0014

Best Jill Valentine – WhiteLemon

Dark Phoenix 043

Best Jean Grey/Phoenix/Dark Phoenix – Phoenix of Birds of Play

Kitana 0013

Best Kitana – Amanda Dawn Cosplay

Ms Marvel 0052

Best Ms. Marvel – Kitty Honey

Nightwing 0004

Best Nightwing – Vampy Bit Me

Pixie 0004

Best Pixie – Drunkley CP

Psylocke 0035

Best Psylocke – Constantine in Tokyo

Rogue 0000

Best Rogue – Monika Lee (photo by Anna Fischer)

She Venom 015

Best She-Venom – Freddie Nova (and Superhero Photography)

Spidergirl 0032

Best Spider-Girl – Nicole Marie Jean

Jaina 0001

Best Star Wars – Shea Standefer for her Jaina Solo

Quorra 0002

Best Tron Cosplay – Annisse

Wonder Woman 0001

Best Wonder Woman – Margie Cox

WonderGirl 0004

Best Wondergirl – TwinkleBat

X-23 0001

Best X-23 – Riddle

Cyclops 0005

Best Gender-Bender – Nadya Sonika for her Fem-Cyclops

Isse – Black Canary

Another brilliant piece of cosplay by Isse. This time she makes an appearance as the Black Canary, Dinah Lance. If you would like to see more of her incredible cosplay, take a look here.

Black Canary 0035

Black Canary 0033

Black Canary 0034

AngiViper – Black Canary

The work of Angi Viper is always superbly outstanding but not only is her work great but she has one of the warmest and lovable personalities anyone will encounter. Here she is making the senses shatter as Dinah Lance, the Black Canary. If you would like to see more of her work then look here. If you’d like to support her work then make sure to pay a visit to her etsy store or ask her about a print from her work.

Photography by Jonathan Courtot
Effects by Alex Rothauser


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